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VENETIAN MIRRORS are available in the size you specify. Please request a quote with your choice of colours.

 Hand-made mirrors for Amarynth Gallery have been crafted by generational dynasties on the isle of Murano, preserving the ancient artisan traditions.   Designed by well-known architects and designers, Venetian mirrors continue to be a most exquisite and functional object of art.  Whether used as a stunning modern accent piece in a contemporary setting or a classical mirror as a focal point for a more traditional site, a Venetian mirror integrates beautifully into any environment. 

A Venetian mirror has the unique ability to make the room seem larger and at the same time more intimate, reflecting all that is in the space.  Styles, shapes and sizes can be customized by the finest artisans.

Artistic mirrors by Amarynth’s Venetian artisans grace the following:

 Versace’s villas in Miami, Lake Como and Milan

Hotel Gritti on Canal Grande, Venezia

Hotel Londra, Venezia

Hotel Sanderson, London